WSCC Membership Advertising Survey - The Results

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April 20, 2017
396 representatives of WSCC members were emailed a survey focused on finding out what advertising members use to promote their business.  36% opened the email and 51% of those that opened the email completed the survey.  Yes, 59 people completed the survey and many took the opportunity to contribute comments. 

We asked four questions and added are a few thoughts that jumped out from the results.
  1. Where do you currently promote you business and how effective is it?  Few are using print advertising and most often depend of Outdoor signage, poster/flyers, business cards
  2. If you promote you business via email, how do you compile your mailing list?  62% is collected at point of sale followed closely by referrals and people opting into mailing list from their website.
  3. What social media do you use to promote you business and how often do you update?  78% on Facebook and 24% do not have a Social Media presence
  4. How do you increase traffic to your website?  Businesses are proactive about being sure there brand is on their business materials.
To view a full report of the results please click the link below

Marketing Survey 2017 Report