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Hughes Media Law Group, PC

Hughes Media Law Group, PC


Attorneys & Legal Services

About Us

Imagine advisors with both legal and business experience to propel your company to success – in other words a legal team that Rocks! We are world-class lawyers and experienced business professionals, the perfect team to oversee your company’s legal needs – corporate/financing, HR, operations, strategic negotiations, licensing, agreements, IP enforcement/management, marketing policy, compliance, even litigation oversight.

With decades of industry experience spanning tech, gaming, entertainment, consumer products and media, we are corporate and IP gurus who have thousands of strategic transactions under our belts. Our experience and practical insight is UNMATCHED. We have been in-house counsel, business executives, strategic advisors, board members, investors, policy advisors and professors.

We don’t think of ourselves as a “law firm” we provide a full suite of in-house legal services. We are more than a “General Counsel” – we are a full legal executive team that will help you navigate all legal and business decisions, and better yet – manage all of your day to day legal needs.

Representative Clients: Games, Apps, Mobile, E-Commerce, Music, Film and Television, VR/AR, Consumer Products, Merchandising, Advertising, Social Media, Influencers, Talent, Executive Contracts and Small Business Operations.


  • CORPORATE STRATEGY: Formation, Financing and Operations
  • IP PROTECTION AND ENFORCEMENT: Trademark, Copyright and Patent
  • PRIVACY: Regulatory and Compliance


Your Lawyers Should Rock!