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Indelicate Coaching


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About Us

Reprogram your body, mind, and soul for next-level intimacy...

Somatic Intimacy Coaching for 1:1 and couples

Indelicate Coaching offers an embodied and relational counseling method that is more effective than traditional talk therapy for healing relationship wounds and expanding your nervous system capacity for deep and sustainable intimacy.

We all want to feel lit up by intimacy whether it's in the first glance with a new flame or a familiar embrace with a long-time partner.

I believe that excitement and depth can exist together no matter what stage of relationship you're in.

That's why my unique approach to attachment, anxiety, conflict, and sexual attraction strengthens both Security and Spark.

In our sessions, you will build resilience, heal anxious and avoidant tendencies, open your tender heart, and forever change the way that you relate to yourself and others.

(And feel pretty hot about it, too.)

Please, no phone calls. You can check out my website or email me