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Jamison A Johnson, Photographic Artist

Jamison A Johnson, Photographic Artist


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About Us

Advice: Just Go for it!! I am intuitive, dynamic, and empathetic. Ever since I was a young child, I have been a passionate artist. I have never stopped whether it is a crayon, a pencil, a pen, a paint brush, or a camera. People tell me I am creative, thoughtful, and fun. I bring passion into everything I do from my work to my life investing hours in professional development and skills. I will bring the same passion, care, and love to your portraits and service I provide. I truly love people, animals, and love to help anyway I can. I am a recognized, published, Best of King 5 Finalist, and award winning photographic artist for 17 years working with families, businesses, the arts community, and beloved pets. I was mentored by many of the industry's best veteran master portrait artists fostering a rich and expressive photo-journalistic style specializing in the photographic art of families, kids, pets, and businesses.



Family Portrait with Pets
Family Wall Art Decor Sample
Art Landscape with Child Portrait
Black and White Family Portrait Sample
Painting Sample
Kids Sample
Couples Portrait
High School Senior
High School Senior
Business Branding
Pet Painting Sample