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Meeples Games

Meeples Games


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About Us

West Seattle’s Meeples Games is a friendly local gaming café for table-top gamers located between the Alaska and Admiral Junctions. Meeples Games’ staff includes experts in board games, collectible card games, role-playing games and miniatures. We offer sales of games and accessories, a café with well-lit play space, food and beverages and a tournament area (the Thunderdome!). We support drop-in play, tournaments and private events.

“Wow, that was fun!” is what Laura wants everyone who comes to Meeples Games to say when they walk back out the door. Our staff are gamers themselves and we take turns training each other on new games, old favorites and obscure titles. We know you can rely on us to keep up-to-date on all the gaming new releases, trends, and tournament play.


  • Board Games
  • Card Games
  • Magic: the Gathering
  • Delicious locally sourced food
  • Local craft beers, wine and cider


Families enjoying games
Magic the Gathering events
Dungeons & Dragons Summer Camp
Date Night
Learn to Paint, 4th Tuesday of every month
Dungeons & Dragons supplies
Laura helping a family learn a new game
Fun staff members always ready to help!