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Tilden School



About Us

Tilden School, a private, independent K-5 school, was established in 1985 to provide high-quality, individualized education in West Seattle. We offer our students a nurturing atmosphere in which to experiment and learn. We promote cooperation and consideration of others. Our integrated curriculum presents an opportunity for students to weave the many threads of their education together. Our small size and independent status enables flexibility, curricular rigor, collaboration amongst faculty and staff, and deep partnership with students and their families. Our students build on their learning experience, one new skill and idea at a time, one bigger and bolder question at a time.

Our program is enriched with specialists who teach music, art, science, technology, art history, language, P.E. and writing. We acknowledge that an arts curriculum is essential to early childhood development. We graduate confident, kind scholars who thrive in public and private schools across the region.


  • We provide academic rigor and mastery of core reading, writing and STEM essentials.
  • We offer children a joyful and stimulating atmosphere in which to experiment and learn.
  • We provide a low student/teacher ratio, where each student is known by each educator.
  • We balance structure and choice.
  • We empower our educators to adapt their curriculum for each class, and for each student.