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WEND Jewelry

WEND Jewelry



About Us

WEND creates unique gender-neutral fine jewelry that is sustainably sourced, completely handmade, and designed to honor your journey. Inspired by nature, and infused with the wearer’s story, every WEND piece reflects thoughtful design and the rugged nature of life with hand carved textures and certified recycled resources.

Our ring collections are perfect for engagement, wedding, and to celebrate the milestones along your journey. We specialize in re-purposing client’s gold and gemstones to create modern heirlooms infused with history.

Our specialties include custom jewelry, heirloom makeovers (something old something new), fine jewelry collections, everyday pieces, and jewelry repair.

WEND also features an Art Gallery with a rotating roster of professionally hung artwork. The West Seattle Art Walk is our favorite day of the year, since we get to celebrate local talent and the beautiful neighborhood we call home. If you are in the market for highly curated home goods, we have you covered there, too.


WEND Jewelry and Gallery
Goldsmith at work
Necklaces using PNW pebbles
Gallery Image IMG_9050.jpg
Roots Rings
Gallery Wall
Everything made by hand
Gallery Image 29FCBCC3-A372-4F3C-9BCA-60155AC7986F.JPG
Before and Afters for Heirloom Makeovers
Gallery Image 13.png
Gallery Image 11.png
Gallery Image 9.png
Gallery Image 7.png
Gallery Image ACS_1126.jpg
Gallery Image 70D9A4D2-E742-4B9D-8592-B6D2291CE413.JPG
Gallery Image 1F0896B3-A93B-4A89-910A-36B02FE00C3E.JPG
Gallery Image 69C9AFE2-536D-439F-9547-DBD458395E71.JPG
Gallery Image FB8E3764-4C23-42F6-847A-98F5D6DE6F58.JPG
Gallery Image 3C13FB20-0A34-4356-8C6A-77C001D3AEBE.JPG